Competency Based Interviewing Technique Using NLP

The process of getting good and quality staff in a knowledge economy demands that interviewers not only possess the ability to interview candidates based on technical competencies, but also have the knowledge and skills to engage the candidates on a behavioral level. This means that you need to have sufficient exposure to the intricacies of human psychology to effectively filter out the wrong and filter in the right candidates for the job. Unlike conventional interviewing skills programs which focus on the technical aspects of conducting an interview, this program teaches you the behavioral aspects of an interview.

Course Objectives: 
  • Understand the different types of candidate personalities
  • Separate lies from truths during an interview
  • Find out more details about a candidate
  • Evaluate how a candidate is thinking
Target Audience: 
Project Manager
Course Methodology: 
  • 15% interactive lecture
  • 70% participative activities
  • 15% group discussions
Course Outlines: 

Session 1 : Fundamentals of Behavioral Interviewing

  • What is behavioral interviewing
  • Constraints of conventional / technical interviews
  • Trends in corporate interviewing practices
  • Why behavioral interviewing – relevance in corporate Malaysia
  • Application of NLP as a behavioral tool for interviewers

Session 2: Candidate Profiling

  • Types of candidates and their NLP meta-programs
  • Real-time activities you can use during an interview to identify these personalities
  • Matching the personality and affinity to the job
  • Creating effective profiling questions
  • Accepting the most effective candidate vs the perfect candidate

Session 3: Detecting discrepancies during an interview

  • Why people lie–3 psychological explanations you must know
  • Eye movements and facial expressions
  • Body language and hand gestures
  • Creating your own truth and lie detector
  • Measuring the behavioral intangibles

Session 4: Behavioral peripherals

  • Setting up a psychologically conducive interviewing room
  • Sitting arrangements that play a part in behavioral interviewing
  • Deco and its impact on the outcome of an interview
  • How to steer the interview to its most effective end
  • A final behavioral test for the candidate before she leaves

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