Communication Competence As A Strategic Tool

In this modern era, we always encounter a new phenomenon where the more advanced our electronic communication tools are, the lesser is our competence in communicating effectively

Clearly the competence in communication is fast becoming a strategic issue in most of our modern organizations. Not just that the external communications are important to our businesses, the internal communication effectiveness is fast playing a key role in running our business in a more dynamic way. Thus, organizations need to improve on all their communication channels to match the advancement in the e-business communication networks.

Course Objectives: 
  • Know the essentials of communicative skills
  • Understand the importance of effective communications
  • Establish better interpersonal communication with all staff, colleagues and customers
  • Apply effective communication techniques in their work place
  • Motivate staff via effective communications
Target Audience: 
Course Methodology: 

Experiential activities, group lecture, discussions, presentations.

Course Outlines: 
  • Introduction to communication
  • Communication as a face-to-face activity
  • Functions of communications
  • Perception
  • Communication as a self development
  • Applying empathy in communications
  • Role of language in communications
  • Effective listening – listening beyond the words
  • How to overcome internal and external barriers
  • Avoidance of assumptions
  • Characteristics of non-verbal communications
  • Functions of non-verbal communications
  • Differences in verbal and non-verbal communications
  • Role of communications in work teams
  • Communications as a problem solving skill
  • Workshops

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