Charge-Up and Sell – Mastering the Art of Street Smart Selling

What Is Unique About This Programme:

  • Unique P.E.A.N.U.T selling process Easy to work with, Fun to work for
  • Simple Simple messages that can be learned easily and registered instantly
  • Practical Developed based on 26 years of Asian regional experience that is highly applicable in Asian business practice.
Course Objectives: 

Understand the common errors and pitfalls of selling professionals and how to avoid them. Realign "old selling habits" and the ability to develop well structured and systematic selling techniques using the P.E.A.N.U.T. selling process. Be able to generate ideas, methods, strategies and techniques that can make sales easier, faster than ever before.

  • Improve negotiation skills and able to take control
  • Increase self confidence that selling is an honorable profession
  • Maintain self motivation and develop a front line manager mentality
  • Develop into a better team leader to coach down-lines
  • Make more sales, have fun and be richer
Target Audience: 
Sales Personnel
Course Methodology: 

Lecture, discussion, games, individual/group activities, presentation, Q & A, case studies.

Course Outlines: 

Meeting the selling challenge

  • Awareness before change. The traits of successful sales professionals
  • Why customers refuse to buy?
  • What is a sale? Are salesmen born?
  • How to meet the expectations of having more sales?
  • Using "Marketing Mathematics" for exponential sales increase

P.E.A.N.U.T. selling process

Module 1
  • Personal Positioning: Build a good brand of yourself
  • Prospecting: Define your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
  • Precall Plan: Making the difference
Module 2
  • The correct mindset for any encounter with the prospects
  • Setting up the right stage to initiate a sales presentation
  • Building favourable "friendship factor"
  • 6 different types of buyers and how to deal with them
Module 3
  • "Questioning Funnel" and how to ask the right questions
  • Developing the "white magic" a good listening skill
Module 4
  • Differentiating features against benefits
  • Discover the "Hot Buttons" using Pareto Principle
  • Beat the competition by having your own USP
  • When and how to handle price?
Module 5
  • Using the "Law of Four" for effective negotiation and conviction
  • "Smoothening the Corners", how to assess believabilty by asking the right feedback questions
  • Learn to cushion objections and resolve them respectfully
Module 6
  • Reading and mastering the non verbal signals body language
  • Detecting and read the right buying signals
  • Acquire the "Tai Chi" principles of closing the sale
  • Closing twice as fast, getting more referrals

3 Sales Motivation

  • Understand the learning cycle
  • How can we benefit from mistakes by learning to self-de-brief?
  • Acquire the Goal setting formula
  • Learnings from successful sales professionals – the "Pearls of Sales Wisdom"

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