Change Management

To change or not to change is a mute question. Companies all over the world are going out of business daily because they had failed to forecast and plan judiciously for the future. The reality of the business today is that an organization must constantly change in order to survive. Planning for change takes some of the guesswork out of the future, energizes an organization, and makes use of latent talent and creativity of the employees.

The pace of organizational change has never been greater than the rate we have experienced in recent years. Political, economical, social and technological changes have created a new working environment, both physical and emotional. This ‘brave new world’ dictates that we have to behave differently, act with greater integrity than ever before and learn to understand our colleagues whilst we strive to collaborate and reach a mutually beneficial outcome. This programme provides practical support and guidance for delegates in bringing together a personal plan of action and strategy for change that will deliver measurable benefits back in the workplace.

Course Objectives: 
  • Analyze the inevitable forces of change for organizations.
  • Identify, choose and plan a major change strategy
  • Recognize key issues which must be engaged during change.
  • Discuss how the critical exercise of change should be attempted.
  • Avoiding pitfalls of change in organizations.
  • Describe the change process and the behaviours to be observed at each “stage”.
  • Understand the effects of change as uniquely personal and often emotional.
  • Identify some common responses to change situations.
  • Describe ways and strategies to effectively manage change at the workplace.
  • Projectizing the change process
  • Develop the visionary leadership for change
Target Audience: 
Course Methodology: 

Instructor-led activities via real-life case-studies, group discussions and exercises.

Course Outlines: 

Module 1: Fundamentals of Change

  • Psychology of Change – Various Perspectives
  • The Tides of Change and the Impact of Global Economic Crisis on Organizations
  • The Challenge of Planned Change – The Strategy Focused Organization
  • Benefits of Planned Change – Connecting Change to Business

Module 2: Preparing for Change – Fundamental Principles

  • Corporate Cultural Factors – Likelihood for Change
  • Types and Approaches to Change
  • 6-Phases in Adopting Change
  • Forces Shaping Readiness to Change
  • Case Scenario: Medical Industries

Module 3: Change Management Plan – The Framework for Managing Change

  • Representative Models of Change
  • Strategies for Supporting Change – A Consolidated Plan
  • Sequence of Elements for Successful Change
  • Developing a Change Programme Plan
  • Role of Change Agents

Module 4: Overcoming Resistance to Change

  • Primary Sources of Resistance to Change
  • Use of Preventive Measures
  • Management Plan to Overcome Resistance
  • Overcoming Resistance – Sources, Causes and Possible Solutions

Module 5: Visionary Change Leadership

  • Building Blocks for Change Leadership
  • Management Tools of Planned Change
  • Qualities of Visionary Change Leadership
  • Creating the Future Through Planned Change

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