Administrative Staff Development For Desired Results

Today, the roles of administrative staff are not only about taking direction from their bosses, but encompass a great deal of activities to assist the boss. Administrative staff should be well versed not only in clerical and stenographic responsibilities, but also act as a communicator and an expert planner. The performance of the administrative staff reflects the effectiveness of their bosses, therefore requiring both parties to work together inter-dependently. Administrative staff of today is unlike the yesteryears – more challenges as well as opportunities await them. They have what it takes to develop themselves for the new millennium.

Common issues:

  • Not being proactive
  • Confining their responsibilities to just following instructions
  • Lacking self esteem
  • Not looking ahead to prepare themselves for future prospects
  • Lack of teamwork
  • Do not know how to work in harmony with other departments and colleagues
  • Poor working attitude
Course Objectives: 
  • Be able to establish a better working relationship with their bosses and others.
  • Be equipped with the necessary tools for performance management and to improve efficiency.
  • Be able to develop themselves for better.
  • Encourage the participants to be more professional and well groomed
  • Adopt a more positive attitude towards themselves and others.
  • Be able to apply the appropriate business etiquette and protocols
  • Be able to improve use of their time and other resources
  • Be able to use current apps to speed up work
Target Audience: 
Personal Assistant
Site Supervisor
Course Methodology: 
  1. Highly interactive and participative
  2. Workshop based
  3. Role plays 
Course Outlines: 

Keeping up with the new millennium

  • Understanding the office functions as the supporting service to the whole organisation
  • Your roles in an office of your excellent organisation
  • A Glimpse in to the Future -- What Your Future Office Will be Like?

Developing Interpersonal Skills

  • What is Interpersonal Skill?
  • Assertiveness: The basic honest communication
  • Knowing how to be assertive -- respect yourself!
  • Learning how to negotiate your way through different situations

Portraying the Professional Image

  • Behavioural patterns that support staff need to know...
  • Avoiding personal conflicts for mutual gains
  • Image building -- Knock people off their feet!
  • Body Language -- Taking control of this most universal language
  • Acquiring Professional Credibility 

Enhancing working Relationship with Your Boss

  • Understanding your role to fit the job and your boss
  • Managing your boss -- make the relationship compatible
  • Boss’s patterns of Behaviour that you should know about
  • How to approach each pattern of behaviour
  • Using Team-building approach at work -- you are working “with” your boss, not “for” your boss.  

Becoming Proactive 

  • The characteristics of a proactive Employee
  • How to act out as a proactive employee
  • Being proactive and outperforming his expectation of you
  • Making your boss look good 

Optimisation of Resources towards Performance and Productivity

  • Factors Contributing to Productivity Improvement
  • Managing Staff, Financial Resources and Utilities Effectively :
  • Making effective follow-ups
  • Getting rid of non-productive work habits 

Effective Planning

  • Telephone Interruptions
  • Inadequate Planning
  • Drop-In Visitors
  • Personal Disorganisation
  • Self-Discipline
  • Procrastination 

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