7 QC Tools For Problem Solving & Decision Making

The successful use of 7-QC tools is often demonstrated by many organizations through active participation of employees in Kaizen Circle activities or Quality Circle activities at the workplace.

In Malaysia, employees participate in Quality Control Conventions (QCC) that is held annually at state and national levels to demonstrate how they manage their work environment and processes through the use of Quality improvement tools.

The tools are commonly called 7-QC tools. They include check sheet, graph, cause and effects diagram, histogram, scatter diagram, pareto analysis and control chart but not limited only to these seven environment.

This two-day workshop focuses on what are the 7-QC tools and how they can be used to build quality into an organization’s product and services. Participants will apply the 7-QC tools through guided examples and demonstration. Whenever practical, examples that reflect the organization’s practices shall be used to better facilitate understanding of how these tools can be applied in similar areas at the workplace.

Course Objectives: 
  • Perform effective problem solving and decision making with the correct tools
  • Collect information and interpret them faster and in a logical way
  • Implement the QC Tools effectively through proper attitude and approach
  • Improve processes and products quality and efficient through correct analysis method
Target Audience: 
Site Supervisor
Course Methodology: 

Presentations, role-plays, group discussion, lectures

Course Outlines: 

Introduction on Quality Concepts & Principals

  • What are the 7 Basic QC Tools
  • Management Tools Problem Solving Tools vs. Planning Tool
  • 2 Quiz Question

Cause and Effect Diagram

  • Introduction of Fish Bone or Cause of Effects Diagrams
  • Step of making cause of effects diagrams
  • Example of cause of Effects diagrams

Collecting Data

  • What is a Check sheet?
  • Type of Check sheet – attribute and variable
  • Use of Check sheet in Manufacturing

Control Charts

  • What are control charts
  • Example of control Charts

Quiz Question with each team

Pareto Analysis

  • Histogram & Pareto Chart
  • Example Of Histogram
  • Classifying Defects And Display Using A Pareto Chart
  • Why We Need To Do Pareto Analysis

Scatter Diagram

  • Various Varieties of Common Scatter Diagram
  • How To Construct The Scatter Diagram
  • Example of Scatter Diagram/Plot

Reduction of Quality Issue


  • What is Stratification Diagram?
  • Use of Stratification Diagram
  • Example of Stratification

Quiz Question With Each Team

Interrelationship Diagrams

  • What is Interrelationship Diagram?
  • Example of Interrelationship Diagram
  • Benefit of Interrelationship Diagram

Tree Diagrams

  • What is Tree Diagram?
  • How To Construct Tree Diagram
  • Example of Tree Diagram

Matrix Diagrams

  • What is Matrix Diagram?
  • Matrix Diagrams Correlation Matrix Example
  • Matrix Diagram S.M.A.R.T. Plan
  • Matrix Data Analysis Example

Process Decision Program Charts

  • Benefit of Process Decision Program Charts
  • Establishing Process Decision Program Charts

Arrow Diagram

  • Example of Arrow Diagram
  • Quiz Question with Each Team

Basic QC Tools and Application


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