Peoplesmart Assessment

PeopleSmart Rating Scale 1: How would you rate your ability to understand people?

( Excellent=4, Good=3, Fair=2, Poor=1 )

_____1.   I listen attentively to grasp what someone is thinking.
_____2.   I take notice of other people’s body language to understand them better.
_____3.   To avoid misunderstanding, I ask questions that clarify what the speaker is saying.
_____4.   I am able to sense what another person is feeling.
_____5.   I can decipher the underlying reasons why people I know act the way they do.

Skill 1 score________


PeopleSmart Rating Scale 2: How would you rate your ability to express your thoughts and feelings clearly? 

( Excellent=4, Good=3, Fair=2, Poor=1 )

_____1.   I give only enough details so that I’m understood.
_____2.   People enjoy listening to me.
_____3.   I can take something complicated and explain it clearly.
_____4.   I say what I mean and what I feel.
_____5.   When I am not clear, I let the other person ask questions rather than go on and on    
                explaining myself.

Skill 2 score________


Text Box: TEARS:  The hydraulic force by which masculine will-power is defeated by feminine water-power

PeopleSmart Rating Scale 3: How would you rate your ability to assert your needs?

( Excellent=4, Good=3, Fair=2, Poor=1 )

_____1.   I am decisive about what I will do or not do for others.
_____2.   I speak up when my needs are not being met.
_____3.   I keep calm and remain confident when I get opposition
_____4.   I stand my ground.
_____5.   I can say no with grace and tact.

Skill 3 score _______

PeopleSmart Rating Scale 4: How would you rate your ability to exchange feedback?

( Excellent=4, Good=3, Fair=2, Poor=1 )

_____1.   I give appreciation and compliments freely.
_____2.   When I criticized, I offer suggestions for improvement.
_____3.   To get different perspectives, I ask for feedback from a wide range of people.
_____4.   I ask others for feedback to improve myself, not to fish for compliments.
_____5.   I listen to feedback I receive from others.

Skill 4 score ________

PeopleSmart Rating Scale 5: How would you rate your ability to influence how others think and act?

( Excellent=4, Good=3, Fair=2, Poor=1

_____1.   I establish rapport with people before trying to persuade them to do something.
_____2.   I explore other people’s viewpoints before trying to convince them of my own.
_____3.   I give compelling reasons for adopting my view point
_____4.   People are not defensive when I give advice.
_____5.   I give people time to mull over what I’ve presented to them.

Skills score 5 ________

PeopleSmart Rating Scale 6:  How would you rate your ability to get conflict resolved?

( Excellent=4, Good=3, Fair=2, Poor=1 )

_____1.   I get the tensions between the other person and me out on the table.
_____2.   Right from the start, I seek agreement over victory.
_____3.   I learn all I can about the other person’s needs and interests when negotiating.
_____4.   I work to solve problems, not blame others, when we hit a stone wall.
_____5.   When I reach an agreementwith someone, I make sure we both stick to it>

Skill 6 score ________

PeopleSmart Rating Scale 7: How would you rate your ability to collaborate with others?

( Excellent=4, Good=3, Fair=2, Poor=1 )

_____1.   I request help from others and give them assistance in return.
_____2.   I pitch in when the group needs something done.
_____3.   I focus on other people’s welfare as much as my own.
_____4.   I keep others informed about what I’m doing if it affects them.
_____5.   I help to facilitate and coordinate the efforts of others.

Skill 7 score ________

PeopleSmart Rating Scale 8: How would rate your ability to shift gears?

(Excellent=4, Good=3, Fair=2, Poor=1 )

_____1.   When a relationship is not going well, I take the initiative to do something about it.
_____2.   I can see the patterns I fall into with other people.
_____3.   Even if I am not at fault, I am open to making significant changes in my behavior  
                when necessary.
_____4.   I am willing to take risks when they are called for.
_____5.   I am resilient. If things don’t work out, I bounce back.

Skill score 8 ________

Total up the individual skill scores = ______________(People Quotient)

How to interpret Your total overall PQ score
If your total score is:

150 and above ……………Superior PeopleSmart intelligence. Keep it up!
125-150……………………Very good PeopleSmart skills, but you should keep working on  
100-125……………………Your PeopleSmart skills need some improvement.
Below 100…………………Suggests that you need considerable improvement.

(Remember the scale is designed for 100 to be an average score)

Look over your own scores for each PeopleSmart skill and the feedback you receive from other people. Identify some skills where you are less effective than others, meaning lot of work to do.