A few words about our company


To be the best training network provider in the region setting the benchmark in enhancing customer’s growth in productivity, through quality training satisfaction.


To provide the highest standard of service and to add value to our customers training needs with the ultimate goal of becoming the most recognized and preferred Training Network provider in the country whilst pursuing opportunities that can serve the long term interest of our Associate Trainers/Facilitators.


TNI Consultancy is a business enterprise owned by Mr. Jimmy Ong who has been operating as the Principal Consultant of TNI Consultancy. for more than 10 years. Over this period he has singly managed the marketing and operational areas of the business, and has become the training network specialist. He is therefore able to structure and efficiently provide excellent choices of training specialists that matches a company’s training needs through our pre-screened quality Associate Trainers to deliver the requisite training with positive results. This ‘unique service’ is supported by professionals who has wide hands-on experience and expertise in the training industry.” TNI’s flagship services, the training network specialist, is structured to efficiently provide excellent choices of training specialist that matches a company’s training needs through our pre-screened quality associate trainers to deliver the requisite training with effective results. This unique service is supported by professionals who has wide hands-on experience and expertise in the training industry who are results orientated. With a thorough in-depth study of the services offered overseas and a dedicated team, we aim to be the best in the region to operate and provide such services.


TNI is principally involved in the business of providing outsourced training solutions on the procurement, administration and management of corporate training. We provide services pertaining to outsourced training for employees of corporate organizations only. Utilizing the resources and technology available in-house, we facilitate the Human Resource or Training department of a corporate organization in identifying and locating the requested training provider, both in-house and public courses. This could help companies reduce problems pertaining to time and resources needed in searching and qualifying a training provider that matches their needs. We also conduct training needs analysis of a corporate organization to determine the appropriate need and type of training for a given budget so that the cost of analysis is controlled without compromising the interest of company in terms of quality. Our commitment in implementing a systematic training management program would enable customers to experience an outstanding service that creates a “win-win” value proposition together with the associate training providers


TNI was established in response to a growing corporate trend for organizations to centralize training delivery and to source external services through a single supplier. Our services simplify and standardize training information gathering, reduce costs, increase choice and flexibility, enhance service at point of contact and ultimately create a one-stop training solution for customers when seeking corporate training services. With our varied database of associate trainers that leverages on the numerous existing training providers and vendors and our systematic training management, we are able to efficiently streamline the process of procurement, administration and management of training. The scope of our services include training administration and project management, management of internal and external training resources, all training needs resourced through a single point of contact, tailored management activity reports provided on demand, unbiased and independent advice, provision of local off-site training venues, on-site administration and conducting independent post-course evaluation. A later stage of our service offering will include E-Management, an online interactive system of monitoring training activity.