We are training providers (TP), and have been in this business since 2004. As a TP we are in the business of developing people to enhance their skills and expertise with the objective of making them more effective and efficient at their workplace. 

In trying to reach out to a wide spectrum of corporate clients who are keen to provide training and development, we are looking for people who can help us to achieve this objective by becoming our agents. In the process agents get paid for their trouble and assistance. 

TNI has a series of short training courses, normally 2 days, that can help working adults to develop their talents and skills further, and these courses can be provided as an in-house program or as public program. To view the details of the courses please visit www.tni.my for the contents. 

TNI is also affiliated with Pebble Hills University, USA, (PHU) and therefore able to provide MBA/DBA degrees offered by PHU on a distance learning basis, so that working adults can learn at their own pace and time. Details will be provided on request. TNI is also the Education Consultant representing FTMS university college who provide tertiary education on a full time on campus study located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia (about 20 km from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur). Details will be provided on request.

Commission Payments: 

  • In-house training: 15% on the course fee 
  • Public training: 10% on the course fee 
  • Pebble Hills University MBA/DBAs: 15% on the course fee 
  • FTMS tertiaty education: 20% on the course fee 

Proceeds will be credited directly into the agents’ account as soon as the training has been completed and all fee payments collected.

To participate as an agent, please indicate your interest by emailing to us your name and phone number so that we can contact you to provide you with detailed instructions and the registration form.

Please email to [email protected] or whatsapp call +61413777894 (Australian number) or +60122161383 (Malaysian number) for any further information or enquiries