Outsourced training for employees of corporate organizations

Utilizing the resources and technology available in-house, we facilitate the Human Resource or Training department of a corporate organization in identifying and locating the requested training provider, both in-house and public courses. This could help companies reduce problems pertaining to time and resources needed in searching and qualifying a training provider that matches their needs.
We also conduct training needs analysis of a corporate organization to determine the appropriate need and type of training for a given budget so that the cost of analysis is controlled
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10+ years of experience

TNI established since 2012. TNI’s flagship services, the training network specialist, is structured to efficiently provide excellent choices of training specialist that matches a company’s training needs through our pre-screened quality associate trainers to deliver the requisite training with effective results.

180 courses

Training by professionals who has wide hands-on experience and expertise in the training industry who are results orientated. TNI will also help individuals, H.R. personnel and employers, discover the immense knowledge that can be obtained through effective training and development methods and needs.

20+ workbook & useful tips

This website contains Useful and practical information and articles on training and development no matter how big or small the company set up. Self-paced learning with workbooks on soft skills. Useful tips are short read which can inspire you on facing your daily work challenges.