Walk-In Interview

A walk-in interview occurs when an individual can interview for a job position without having a pre-scheduled appointment. However, the candidate will need to prepare for these interviews just like any other. The main objective of having walk-in interview is to avoid the hassle of managing job boards or other advertisements. These are often expensive and time consuming to create and place in the appropriate area to reach candidates. 

Course Objectives: 
  • Bulk Recruitment - Employers mainly conduct walk-ins when the number to candidates to be hired is in huge numbers. Candidates come in big number and complete the process on the same day.
  • Instant Hiring - Candidates who walk-in for interviews are mostly given the offer letter on the same day. This is beneficial for both i.e. employers complete the hiring process in one day and for candidates, as they get the job confirmation on the same day.
  • Quality Resources – Walk-ins are conducted mainly on a weekend; so a lot of candidates who are working for multinational companies can make it for the interview, since they have an off day on weekends. Therefore skilled and talented candidates who would not be able to make it on week days due to job commitment can walk-in for an interview on weekends.
  • Systematic Hiring Process - The hiring process for a walk-in interview can be streamlined in advance. Companies shortlist the candidates on the basis of educational qualification; then a written test, technical round of interview and then the final HR negotiations. This process helps them to filter the unwanted candidates and get the most suitable candidates at the end of the day.
  • Better Offer to Joining Ratio - Many employers have experienced a good number of candidates joining the company who were offered during walk-in interviews. This could be due to candidates feeling more comfortable joining the new job where there are many others also joining the same day, same project and at the same level.
Target Audience: 
Project Manager
In-house Course Fee: 
RM4000 per day
Public Course Fee: 
Course Methodology: 

Presentations, role-plays, group discussion, lectures

Course Outlines: 
  • Assessing Curriculum Vitae if there is any – looking at CV structure, examine the information provided to consider whether he/she fulfils the key selection criteria, dealing with gaps and inconsistencies in a CV.
  • Deciding on Strategy of Interviewing – considering your aims and what you want to achieve in the interview. For example, are you going to concentrate on factual, situational, confrontational or technical interviewing skills?
  • Evaluating the Applicants – avoid biased first impression, covering all the facts provided in the CV (education background, working experience, etc.), assessing abilities (communication skill, decision-making skill, analytical skill, etc.), assessing personalities.
  • Questioning Skills, Questioning Patterns, and Structure of Questions – phrase questions carefully, not to use leading questions, maintaining good questioning pattern (Broad Open Ended_Probe_Narrow_Close_Summarize), asking good questions (purposeful, relevant, clear and concise, neutral in tone and substance), encourage expression such as tell me…, describe…, how come?..., for examples?...
  • Controlling the Interview – controlling the flow of information (e.g. give supportive feedback to the applicant), handling candidates, use silence tactically during an walk-in interview.
  • Reading Body Language – pay attention to the applicant’s body language, reading positive signs, sensing nervousness, reading arrogance.
  • Closing the Interview – Inviting questions from the applicant, tying up loose ends.
  • Follow-up Activities – matching an applicant to the job through holding subsequent interviews and checking references, dealing with unsuccessful applicants (rejecting in writings, keeping details on file, responding to queries and letting down rejected candidates lightly).


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