Professional Business Writing In English

Just as people judge you by the way you dress, they judge you by the way you write. The ability to sell your ideas and persuade your readers to take action is a skill of growing importance in today’s business world. This program hones your skills in writing business documents in English.

Course Objectives: 
  • Improve professionals’ analytical skills
  • Improve usage of appropriate language
  • Improve professional persuasive skills
  • Improve written managerial skills using editing skills to enhance clarity, information flow, grammatical accuracy, consistency and overall impact
Target Audience: 
In-house Course Fee: 
RM4000 per day
Public Course Fee: 
Course Methodology: 

Lectures, discussions, workshop exercises, presentation.

Course Outlines: 

General Principles of Writing

  • Clarifying Your Objectives
  • Quick and Clear Messages - Questions To Clarify Your Thinking
  • Who Will Read Your Document – Knowing Your Readers Will Help To Pitch Your Message
  • Exercises

Good Writing Techniques

  • Best Sequence of Sentences
  • Structure of Text
  • Exercises

Business Letters

  • Categories of Business Letter – Warning  Letters, Sales , Credit Etc
  • Presentation Layout – Address, Contact Details, Salutation
  • Main Part of Letter - Structure
  • Composing and Replying
  • Closures and Enclosures
  • Exercises

Writing &  Responding to Complaints

  • Writing Letters of Complaint – Basic Phrases and Structure
  • Replying To Complaints – Basic Structure When You Are:
    • At Fault
    • Standing Firm
    • Asking For Concessions
  • Exercises

Crafting Letters of Decline / Apology / Conveying Bad News

  • Structure and Tone of Letter of Decline
  • Bad News – Be Upfront / Direct About It But With Empathy
  • Exercises

Writing Emails / Faxes

  • Email Etiquette
  • Basic Formats – Subject Line, Reply, Forward
  • Technical Issues In Email – Fonts, Attachments, Signature Files
  • Faxes
  • Layout and Structure
  • Exercises

Report Writing

  • Organising Content
  • Structuring The Report - The Standard Format and Variation
  • Checklist For Structure - Does It All Link To The Topic and Content – Beware of Waffling
  • Avoiding Writer'S Block - The Right Way To Drafting
  • Exercises

Writing Minutes, Agendas, Meeting Summaries, Memos, Circulars and Notices

  • Agenda - Structure and Content That Facilitate Minutes Taking
  • Layout and Style of Minutes
  • Identifying Facts From Chattering
  • Memoranda / Circulars / Notices - Structure and Tone
  • Exercises

Speech Writing / Writing Business Plan

  • Basic Structure In Speech Writing
  • Using Suitable Expression In Speech Writing
  • Strategies of Writing and Planning Basic Business Plan
  • Methodology
  • Group Practice Exercises

Note: Participants are to prepare questions and bring their own samples for discussions to make this course more effective for them.

Number of days: 

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