Managing Anger and Stress at the Workplace

Anger and stress if not probably managed can be destructive to us in our personal or social lives. As such, should we learn to get rid of them? Amazingly, the answer is “No” as anger and stress are part of human survival instincts. If we do not experience anger and stress, we are not alive. Therefore, we cannot and should not eliminate anger but we can learn to manage it and convert it into positive energy that motivates us to success and achievement.

Course Objectives: 
  • Understand the psychology of anger and its causes
  • Identify the signs of anger in themselves and others
  • Control their anger triggers
  • Deal with difficult and angry customers
  • Manage customers’ feelings
  • Recognize the dangers of stress and what it can do to them
  • Manage their stress and convert negative energy into positive energy
  • Identify what they need to do in their personal lives and at the workplace to manage stress
  • Develop a personal plan to become a calm and successful individual
Target Audience: 
Personal Assistant
Project Manager
Sales Personnel
Site Supervisor
In-house Course Fee: 
RM4000 per day
Public Course Fee: 
Course Methodology: 

This workshop is designed to be highly interactive and participative. Participants will learn through experiential activities carried out in the workshop. 

The following tools and techniques will be used:

  • Pair Work
  • Group discussion
  • Case studies
  • Anger recognition Chart
  • Stress Management Template
  • Personal Planning Template
  • Videos
  • Mini lectures and debriefing by facilitator
Course Outlines: 

Session 1: Understanding Anger

In this session, delegates will learn about the psychology of anger and the cause of anger in themselves.

Key Learning Points and Activities

  • The Psychology of anger – what is the cause of your anger?
  • Your anger triggers and how stress fuels your anger
  • The Anger Cycle
  • Types of Anger

Session 2: Managing Anger

In this session, delegates will learn to recognize the signs of anger and manage it before it gets out of control.

Key Learning Areas and Activities

  • Anger and why people get themselves angry
  • Recognizing of your anger signals and triggers before they out of control
  • Techniques to remain calm under conditions of high stress or pressure

Session 3: Recognizing Angry Customers

In this session, delegates will develop the ability to recognize quietly angry customers

Key Learning Areas and Activities

  • Non-verbal clues of angry customers
  • Verbal clues of angry customers

Session 4: Managing Your Customer’s Feelings

In this session, delegates will be introduced to the skills and techniques for dealing effectively with the customer’s feelings.

  • Effective apologies
  • Empathy
  • Asking questions
  • Giving feedback

Session 5: Stress and the Importance of Stress Management

In this session, delegates will learn to recognize stress and the importance of stress management.

Key Learning Areas and Activities

  • What is stress?
  • Good Stress and Bad Stress
  • Symptoms of bad stress

Session 6: Techniques in Decreasing Bad Stress

In this session, delegates will learn how to manage situations that would cause stress.

Key Learning Areas and Activities

  • Managing demands and expectations
  • Boosting your resources
  • Reconfiguring your thoughts pattern

Session 7: Activating Good Stress

In this session, delegates will come up with a plan on how to use good/positive stress to motivate themselves to do better or achieve goals.

Key Learning Areas and Activities

  • Your Personal Stress Management Chart
  • Converting Stress energy
  • Motivation v Willpower

Session 8: Putting It All Together

Review, Discussion and Reinforce learning

Number of days: 
Course Date: 
Tuesday, November 7, 2017 to Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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