Leadership & Management Development Program

Today, managers or superiors (in general) are under a great pressure to achieve results, develop subordinates and contribute to organisational success. There are many concepts and principles available to help them to effectively manage their employees and to bring out the best in them.

Leadership has actually got a lot to do with maximising the human resource. Responsive leadership is a critical factor in organisational success because today’s workplace is characterised by constantly changing dynamics. To be effective, leaders need to adapt their style to fit a broad range of business and employee situations. Additionally, leadership must focus on how to revitalise the department or suffer difficult institutional circumstances.

Course Objectives: 
  • Understand the concept of situational leadership
  • Be able to apply appropriate leadership style to various situations
  • Develop a better working relationship
  • Develop interpersonal effectiveness
  • Be able to employ tools and techniques that would enhance their leadership skills
  • Be able to manage conflicts and convert them into positive forces
Target Audience: 
Project Manager
In-house Course Fee: 
RM4000 per day
Public Course Fee: 
Course Methodology: 
  • Highly interactive and participative.
  • Workshop based
  • Role plays
Course Outlines: 

Part 1 : About Leadership

Leadership and Management 

  • The link between leadership and management 

Levels of Leadership

  • Level 1 : Position 
  • Level 2 : Permission 
  • Level 3 : Production 
  • Level 4 : People Development 
  • Level 5 : Person hood 

Leadership Behaviour 

  • Task Behaviour 
  • Relationship Behaviour 
  • Applications of task and relationship behaviour 
  • Effective leadership 
  • Characteristics of excellent leader 
  • Your role as a leader 

Leadership Styles

  • Telling 
  • Selling 
  • Participating 
  • Applications of different leadership styles


Principles of Personal Management

  • Time Management Matrix 
  • The 2nd Quadrant 
  • Moving into the 2nd Quadrant 
  • The Quadrant II Tool 
  • Becoming Quadrant 2 Self Manager 

Daily Time Management Tools

  • Prioritizing Daily Schedules 
  • The Power of To-Do List 
  • Common Pitfalls 
  • Conference Planner 
  • Using Diary, Planner or Organizer effectively 
  • Selecting the appropriate tools 

Effective Delegation

  • Successful delegation saves time 
  • Assigning the work to appropriate team member 
  • Empowering staff 
  • Gaining the commitment of staff 
  • Obstacles to delegation 
  • Gofer Delegation 
  • Stewardship Delegation 

Paperwork Management 

  • Techniques for Paperwork Management 
  • Speed Reading 
  • Using 5S Concept 
  • Space Organisation 
  • Follow Up Techniques 

Improving Time Management Habits 

  • Procrastination 
  • Inability to say “No” 


  • Fence Sitting 
  • Cliff Hanging


Interpersonal Communication

  • Communication ideals
  • Developing trust
  • Sending your message effectively
  • Understanding body language
  • Understanding what others what to say

Developing Interpersonal Skills

  • What is interpersonal skill? 
  • Assertiveness: The basic honest communication 
  • Developing trust 
  • Sending your message effectively 

Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • Its importance 
  • Confidence Builder vs. Confidence Destroyer 
  • 3 Steps to give criticisms 
  • 3 Steps to deal with criticisms 


The Coaching Process

  • Measuring and observing performance 
  • Benefits for employees 
  • Benefits for the organization 

Setting the Climate for Productive Coaching

  • Building trust with people 
  • Links with the management 
  • Establishing ground rules for success
Number of days: 

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