Behavioral Events Interview

Behavioral Events Interview approaches and strategies are the best development thus far in the business of hiring and matching the right human capital for the most challenging jobs.  Hiring the right people first time, everythime can save the Organisation a lot of time, improve morale of the staff, overcome staff attrition and increase productivity. 

This training workshop adapts the Behavioural Interview Technique developed by Dr Paul C. Green, an Industrial Organisational psychologist. 

Course Objectives: 
  • Use process charts to improve their interviewing techniques
  • Conduct the interview process with relevant filters
  • Fit or match the applicant with the job vacant
  • Match CVs to the Job Descriptions given for better fit of candidates to Job at Interviews.
  • Use or improve on Interview Assessment Form given (to assess Interviewees at Interview Sessions) 
  • Adopt the behavioral interviewing strategies
  • Hire the best candidate available for the job.
Target Audience: 
Project Manager
In-house Course Fee: 
RM4000 per day
Public Course Fee: 
Starpoints Hotel, Jalan Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur
Course Methodology: 
  • Interactive and participatory    
  • Debriefing sessions after role plays
  • Video clips with Discussions
  • Case studies
Course Outlines: 

Section I – Before the Interview

  • What is behavior-based interviewing
  • Using behavioral competencies
  • Determining how candidate has specific competencies
  • Exploring the Critical Incidence Technique and STAR method
  • Preparing a Job/Candidate Profile
  • How to keep interviews legal 

Section II – During the Interview

  • Using Open-ended questions
  • Interview Opening
  • Topic-opener Question
  • Accomplishment Questions
  • Self-appraisal Questions
  • Direct Competency Probes
  • How to Spot Liars via Non Verbal Communication
  • Closing the interview
  • Example of an interview

Section III – After the Interview

  • How to use a Balance Sheet to make the final decision
  • What to look for in the final decision
  • How to reach consensus with an interview team

Section IV – Selling Your Organisation And The Job To The Right Candidate

  • Eliciting candidates’ interests and motivation
  • Matching candidates’ needs with organizational opportunities
  • Negotiating Benefits Role Play


Number of days: 

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