The Art Of Influencing And Negotiating Effectively

Would you like to increase your odds on having someone listening to your suggestions? Great ideas do not matter if no one listens to you. This programme is designed to coach you with the essential skills to influence those around you to buy into your idea or do the things you want them to do.

This training is for you and your managers when facing the following needs:

  • Need people to consider your ideas seriously
  • Need to win support for your actions
  • Need to motivate people around you to agree on common goals
  • Need to win the trust, and respect from the people around you
  • Need to increase your influence and prestige
  • Need to stimulate enthusiasm with the people you communicate with
Course Objectives: 
  • Cultivate their own confidence to be an effective influencer
  • Persuade and influence others
  • Speak confidently
  • Win the trust and respect of those around them
  • Motivate others to do things
  • Hone their winning personal behaviours
  • Interpret body gestures and behavior of others
  • Develop effecting listening and questioning style
  • Establish objectives to be achieved by negotiation
  • Identify and differentiate Interests from Positions
  • Overcome obstacles in negotiations
  • Take control of negotiation
  • Identify a range of outcomes from the desired ideal to the ultimate acceptable fall-back position.
  • Use interpersonal skills to influence others in both informal and formal situations to achieve their objectives
  • Decide when to make the first offer
  • Negotiate with unreasonable people
  • Develop negotiation skills
  • Speak with the right language and mannerisms
  • Negotiate successfully
Target Audience: 
Sales Personnel
Site Supervisor
In-house Course Fee: 
RM4000 per day
Public Course Fee: 
Course Methodology: 

Participants will do a pre-test before the programme. The pre-test will identify the type of personality they have. Participants are requested to submit the completed questionnaires Online to the Instructor, 3 Days before attending the programme. The results of the test will be discussed during the programme for participants to identify their personalities. This training is filled with useful and applicable content. The programme will be interactive will a lot of opportunities for participants to take part in the sessions. Participants will be encouraged to engage themselves in the session for experiential learning to take place. Videos, videos feed-back, practical exercises and Q & A sessions will be used for interactive sessions. All skills learnt from the programme are transferable. A post- programme report will be given on each participant.

Course Outlines: 

Session 1: Self Awareness

In this session, participants will be given the opportunity to discover themselves. Participants must find out who they are and understand themselves before they can develop the ability to influence others

Learning Areas:


  • Know yourself and what motivates you
  • Myers Briggs Identified Personality Traits
  • The JOHARI Windows


Session 2: People Awareness

In this session, participants will develop skills on how to recognize and interpret body gestures, and behavior and what they mean. Participants will also learn to identify the interests of those they are working with

Learning Areas:

  • Reading body gestures
  • Interpreting behavior
  • Identifying values and interests

Session 3: The FAB of Influence

In this session, participants will learn how to use the Factors, Advantages and Benefits (FAB) of a situation to persuade another to take action.

Learning Areas:

  • Identifying FAB
  • Charting a communication strategy to promote FAB
  • Establishing rational thinking

Session 4: Self Transformation 

In this session, participants will learn how to transform themselves to become more assertive and in doing so, they will become more influential 

Learning Areas:

  • How to transform yourself?
  • Being assertive
  • Techniques for self transformation

Session 5: Persuasion Is Influencing

In this session, participants will learn to use the techniques of persuasion so as to influence the other or the people around them. Participants will learn to develop and use the listening and questioning techniques.

Learning Areas:

  • Listening techniques
  • Questioning techniques
  • Consultative techniques

Session 6: Fundamentals of Influencing Skills

In this session, participants will be coached on the fundamental techniques of influencing skills.

Learning Areas:

  • “Pull” don’t “Push”
  • Getting the other person to be involved in discussion
  • Persuade, don’t manipulate
  • Focus on behavior rather than personality
  • Seek to understand

Session 7: The Meaning of “Strategic” in Negotiation

This session will help participants to be aware that negotiation is part of a strategic process. Participants will know that negotiation is not for a short term gain but is an effort to achieve a situation where both parties can achieve long term mutual benefits.

Learning Areas:

  • Why do we negotiate?
  • Identifying the objectives of negotiation
  • Preparation

Session 8: Positions and Interests

In this session, participants will learn to identify the “position” and the “interest” of the negotiating parties. From identifying “position” and “interest”, participants will be guided on how to determine a benefit that will be acceptable to all.

Learning Areas:

  • Positions
  • Interests
  • Mutual benefits
  • Win-Win

Session 9: The Art of Negotiation

In this session, participants will learn different approaches of negotiation. Participants will also see how business people of different culture negotiate.

Learning Areas:

  • Traditional negotiation
  • Modern negotiation
  • Identifying possible outcomes
  • Classifying priorities
  • Negotiation strategies

Session 10: BATNA

In this session, participants will know to leverage on their apparent advantage to get a good deal. Participants will be taught to identify and strengthen their advantage so that they can negotiate from a position of power.

Learning Areas:

  • Why BATNAs matter?
  • Determining your BATNA
  • BATNA and The Other Side
  • Third Parties and BATNA

Session 11: Putting It All Together

Action Plan Activities

Number of days: 

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